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Walking on a thin line: Computerized Readings

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

I discovered the following AFTER I created my own site:
I was looking around trying to find something and came across a site that was offering similar readings as I newly creted but instead of being around $60 it was $15.

I was disheartened: How could this be?

The readings looked real (afterall quite similar in sentiment to the ones I just developed and this is why I don’t think my ideas are original or mine even if I didn’t see, hear, or consciously know it existed anywhere else) so when I saw the cheap price tag I started to think, “There’s no way someone will put in all that time to read for someone else — you would make more money flipping burgers”. Then it dawned on me that they are COMPUTERIZED readings.

Buried in their site’s policies and disclaimers is this notation:

“Tarot readings include cards & card interpretations. Clients interpret the readings on their own, which is why they are so low in price. Consultations on purchased tarot readings are not offered.”

Now I could just as easily offer that for $9.95 so if you are seeking a computerized package of Tarot readings, astrology readings, and numerology readings — look no further for your cheap read — here’s my email address for that

I have EXACTLY the same programs as they do (well I do now after I saw what they were offering and then searched for it in computerized format).

What bothers me most is that the majority of people will go to that site believeing that an actual “psychic” — a LIVE psychic is doing their reading when that isn’t the case at all. Only a newbie, teenager, part-timer, masochist, hobbyist, or COMPUTER is going to do CHEAP readings.

Now maybe they offered real readings at one point because there are remnants of it being offered at one point with a “we currently do not offer this reading” at the very end of the explanation of what a live reading involves and who that person is (though we see no picture!).

A professional doesn’t have time to do free readings all the time and their breadth of experience and knowledge should not be devalued by offering such cheap readings. Nevermind, my live and real readings are STILL too cheap for what do and can offer!!

Anyway, my concern is: This is ONE more reason people feel that psychics and readers are frauds but what’s often more upsetting is that seekers believe them. They don’t take the time to explore a site or figure out anything — it’s a “WANT KNOW — COMPLAIN LATER” mentality. But with these types of sites, you won’t get a refund and they don’t care about you personally!! For $15 why should they??

If you are looking for angels that will give free readings and you have no interest in reciprocating their efforts, does that make you a devil?

Cheap Readings: I will send you what I have — a package of comprehensive computerized readings for $9.95 US –> or you can try some on-line oracles for free.

Genuine Readings: There’s also this option which connects you to a genuine real life Psychic Certified Professional Tarot Reader for a fair price between $50 and $125 depending on the reading package choosen.

It’s your call!