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Thursday, January 5th, 2012

My Mission

I’m here to help you in any way I can. I use all my knowledge, experience, education, skills, and passion to empower and encourage as well as help you see new sides to a situation.

I’m here to help you find YOUR path, YOUR wisdom.

I do this through offering psychic coaching, pragmatic decision making, spiritual therapy, and logical consultations.

I use astrology, tarot, numerology, and psychic impressions to gain hidden information. I bring information to the surface for you to look at.

One-off sessions:
First time client, $99
Repeat, $89
12-8pm Tuesday to Thursday
Take care of your well-being.
Ignite passion and life into your 2012.

For faster booking, email your request.

Club Jucy, A Psychic Club for Adults and Teens.

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

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World & Toronto Psychic Life Coaching — Special Rates!! Deadline MAY 1, 2011

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Psychic Life Coaching

Receive eight 30 minute sessions twice a month for $50 each.  First session is $45 for 45 minutes.

A Psychic Life Coach uses the skills of a psychic and a coach.  Coaches are cheerleaders and they help fine tune your natural skills and talents, they help you reach your goals by getting a firm understanding of what it is you want and what is blocking you. Coaches ask powerful thought-provoking questions while Psychics have been known not to (they already know, people say!).  Psychics wipe a foggy window clear so that you can see what is inside. They tell you about what was, is, and will be based on historical trends and what is currently happening.  The basic job of a Psychic is to tell, to tell the story of your life.  In combination with story telling, some psychics give advice (Psychic Consultant), others heal (Psychic Healer), and others teach (Psychic Teacher), a Psychic Coach asks.

  • Find, set, and meet goals
  • Overcome blockages
  • Get powerful insights
  • Feel better
  • Connect with someone who cares
  • Be the star that I know you are!

A Psychic Life Coach is a powerful tool in your box of strategies and well-being because they honour and respect that which you desire and they genuinely want to help you get what you want through your own hard work.  Psychic insights, powerful questions, and and your own homework will help you get there.

A session can begin with setting a goal around anything small or big in the areas of money, career, relationships, family, education, health, etc.  Once we set a goal, we will figure out what blockages there are, your successes and challenges.  I will also psychically take a look at what happened, what is happening, and what will happen based on current and historical trends. Then I will ask you what you want.  We will then devise a plan together to meet your goal.  Another session may focus on challenges that have occurred to meeting your goals.  Each session is productive and thought provoking and sends you off with some homework in the way of exercises, resources to research, to-do’s, etc.  If you are busy, not to worry.  We will work at your pace and you will set your own deadline and timeframes; however, you may be encouraged to speed up or slow down.

Learn about:

  • money, career, relationships, family, education, health, etc.
  • what happened, what is happening, and what will happen
  • yourself and your environment more deeply.

Subscribe below for eight 30 minute sessions twice a month for $50 each.  First session is $25.  After the first reduced session fee, you are welcome to cancel your subscription if you find that session unproductive. Session will be booked within one week of the last session or payment.  Psychic Life Coaching, as with most of my private sessions, are by phone.  Long distance charges are not included in fees.

Abella “Jucy” Arthur

Saddam Hussein’s Death

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

I just watched the hanging video on Netscape.

It’s odd. I don’t feel good about how he died. I’m kind of saddened really. I know he did things, especially through others, that were worse but the hanging seemed so cruel and unjust. It’s like they could of done something else to actually create a positive effect — like lock him in with a dozen psychologists and force him to do community service for the good of the people and like it!

I used to be a Muslim by the way. I studied it, prayed, and followed the Qur’an for many years but as a searcher I moved on more than a decade ago to other religions, studies, and cultures.

That’s my connection.

Anyway I wondered, “God, how do you feel about what happened to Saddam?” and the response was “Loss, defeat, sadness, evil”. What can I say. I don’t think God liked it much but understands it will give hope and inspiration and a fresh start to the Iraqi people.

It’s just that I know the middle eastern people. I know how hot, emotional, and passionate the middle eastern people are and while there is hope for the area, the inability to love and partner to create peace is what holds them back. I don’t think God wants that and it seems like many Iraqi people are blinded by their hot heads to listen.

I guess that’s why they said that I was more a Muslim than they were because I converted and they were as they said, “Muslim by name”.

Abella, previously known as Aisha.