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A How-to Guide for Self-Tarot Reading

Read Tarot Cards For Yourself

TarotSeek™ – A revolutionary unbiased and objective self-tarot reading system.
Author: Psychic Jucy

eBook Edition

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TarotSeek is a physically different way of reading the cards. It’s really a system and we have made it a SIMPLE system so simple that you’ll wonder, “Why didn’t I think of it?” But be sure, it took several years to get it this ‘simple’. 🙂

***This eBook has been specifically designed for Kindle and other eReaders. With a TOC, navigation, succinct text, and other design elements, it makes reading the guide more enjoyable***

TarotSeek™ is a physically different way of reading tarot cards for the 21st Century.

If you’re seeking an innovative, objective, unbiased, and successful approach to self-tarot reading, whether you are a novice or a professional, this guide is for you. However this guide is NOT a long-winded book about what the cards mean, layouts, history, mythos, or the magic of tarot.

This guide is for you if you don’t have the time or desire to spend hours, days, and months learning how to read tarot for yourself. And it’s not for you, if you’re seeking a ‘complete how-to tarot book’ that takes some time to get through. There are plenty of these wonderful books already available. Who needs another one?

By learning how to use this practical, simple and simply explained self-tarot reading method, you will gain many of the following benefits:

* Simplicity and bare essentials of tarot
* Objective & unbiased self-tarot readings
* No memorization of cards or layouts
* Read the cards immediately and accurately
* Step-by-step straightforward and useful instructions
* A time-saving, memorable, and quicker read
* Inspired thought, unrelated to the guide
* On-line support, coaching, and feedback

Connect with other TarotSeek Readers and get additional advice and help with your readings by signing up to the *TarotSeek VIP Tips Newsletter*.

This self tarot card reading system was created by a certified professional tarot reader and tarot teacher.

Preview and purchase at,, and Smashwords

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Tarot Fun: Free On-line Tarot Card Readings

* Tarot Card Meanings

Add Meaning / Find Meaning: Random Tarot Card

BLOG: Tarot Meaning Blog

* Find Your Fortune

Get a Random Fortune: Try Your Luck!

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Club Jucy, A Psychic Club for Adults and Teens.

Join Club Jucy:Club Jucy Toronto Psychic Club for Adults & Teens

* Psychic Pampering.
* Bring Joy Into Your Life
* Spa for the Heart & Mind
* Pa rty with Like Minded Souls
* Explore the Depths of Self & Others
* Enjoy Happy Surprise Gifts
* Create, Communicate, & Challenge
* Enjoy the Authentic Life
* Guidance from the Universe
* Warm Spirit; Ignite Passion
* Free Yourself from Limitations
* Welcome Knowledge & Wisdom
* Super Psychic Savings

Exclusive access to ON-DEMAND readings; monthly Psychic Life topics that heal, humour, and help; a monthly mystery package delivered straight to your door; personalized astrology charts; horoscopes automatically sent to your email, a VIP Psychic Party*; super savings on amazing psychic services; and Psychic Jucy’s Loving Care!

Join for Free, other membership levels available too.

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Jucy Free Psychic Readings

Launch of FREE Psychic Jucy Reading Days

* Choice of question or general read. Maximum of 10 minutes. No charge to you; however, support of this service to the universe is greatly appreciated.
* Want a longer reading? For a limited fee I’m offering $35 for 30 minutes on-the-spot paid by credit card or Interac Email Money Transfer.
* Please make an appointment for 1 hour sessions ($135) — one to two weeks notice preferred.
* Abundance doesn’t follow giving until giving becomes its own reward.” — Jan Denise — Your support of this great work is very much appreciated!

“Expect your ever need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level.” — Eileen Caddy

Please go to this page to sign up to the Free Jucy Reading Days Newsletter to get automatically updated on when the free readings will happen. Thanks!!

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