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Free Psychic Readings by Phone in Toronto!!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

For the longest time I was against giving free readings.
After I gave hundreds of readings, became a certified professional tarot reader, and gained a lot of professional reading experience I felt it a largely negative experience to continue to “prove” my ability.

“Only storefront psychics who were ready to scam people out of more money did free readings”, I said. And when I allowed myself to get rounded into doing a free reading, to prove my worth, with the understanding the caller would book me if they liked it.. well, I felt as if I was getting played when they didn’t end up requesting a paid reading even though they said they got an accurate and useful reading. :/

So I continually had my assistant tell callers and emailers NO FREE READINGS until one day I got this universal download that suggested some people needed “psychic pampering” but could not afford my services and that I ought to give some free readings to help out my earth sisters and brothers; however, it could be done on “my terms” to avoid those people who could afford but just wanted to cheat me. So I did it and I LOVED it. Then I did it again. I LOVED it even more. And then I realized I would like to do it more often…

So I have decided to offer Psychic Jucy Free Readings on a regular basis. All you need to do is subscribe to the newsletter to be alerted of which days and times the free readings will be held (which is often last minute, hence the need for the newsletter).

Sign up by SUBSCRIBING to my newsletter for FREE PSYCHIC READING DAYS. Huzzah!! Let the love shine in… and may you be blessed with much abundance and well-being in your life: