(Numerology) What does 11.11.11 ~ 11-11-11 ~ Eleven, Eleven, Eleven ~ November 11, 2011 mean?

Visionary, Perceptions, Foresight, Teacher, Educator, Speaking, Motivational Speaking and Preaching, Advertisers, Fanaticism Inspirational writing, Martyr, Justice, Integrity, The higher mind, Divinity, Healer, Healing, Choosing the High road, Wisdom, Light workers, Charitable. Devoted, Idealistic, Optimism, Spiritual Guru, Dharma, Luck, Heavenly downloads, The Higher Mind, Volunteerism, Being inspired, We are all one, Advanced education, Initiating independence, Empowerment, Excellence, Divine Will, The Word of God, Logos, Truth Seeker, Electrical light, Purposeful, Magic, Opinions, Dreamer, Knowing, Sacrificial, Bringer of Hope, Zealousness, Altruistic, Independence, Public service leaders, Non-profit, Not-for-profit, Spirit to Mind, Selflessness, Illumination, Enlightenment, An old soul, Pure spirit, The Angelic realm, Fire-energy.


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Numerology Fun!

* What’s Your Life Path?

Numerology: What’s Your Life Path #?

* What Does Your Name Mean?

Name Meaning: What are you like?

* What’s One of Your Gifts?

Check out your strength: What gift has been ignored?

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Number Fun

One = Won
Two = Stew
Three = Free
Four = More
Five = Alive
Six = Sex
Seven = Leaven / Heavens
Eight = Mate
Nine = Fine
Ten = Zen
Eleven = Heaven
Twenty-Two = New Stew
Thirty-Three = Free Tree or Free Me

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Manly Palmer Hall aka Manly P. Hall: A Mini Numerology Profile

(During my research of Manly (PRS and Wikipedia at this point), I was pleasantly pleased to find that he is a Canadian.)

Although I know a bit about Manly, I would change few words in my analysis of him had I known “nothing” about him.  This is one of the services I provide for professional private and event readings.

I am happy to say, though, that I will be purchasing some of his work soon so that I may continue my spiritual wisdom journey to Master Keys from Master Teachers.

Assessement of Manly’s life and personality through the numbers.
:Birth March 18 1901 — (Aries – Pisces):
I’m convinced that Manly was a spiritual guru or Master Teacher in a past life.  If I had more expertise in astrology and history I believe I could confirm that.

(Digression:  It’s interesting to note that while much of the world’s wisdom is in books both in and out of print, it’s difficult to access the information.  And for the information that is not currently contained in books, I’m certain that a Wisdom Teacher will re-birth to let us know. 🙂

Anyway, Manly was a World Teacher in a past life.  His approach was innovative and self possessed.  He lead, people followed — easily.  His desire was to connect psychically to society and all humans around the world though at times he had a hard time accepting what he knew.  Manly was hedonistic and engaged in using anything to fuel his imagination and escape from “reality”.  This helped him access information that wasn’t readily available to most.

His life path was about communication (including writing and speaking), experience, and living in the now so that one may achieve greatness in the future.

His destiny was to create power, wealth, and health for those around him.  He was destined to earn a lot of money so he could and while he did pursue his life path.  I’m not certain if he was wealthy but his destiny would indicate that.

:Death to Rebirth:

Manly may be reborn and if so could be reborn on the day he died.

August 29 1990 (Leo – Virgo)

Manly’s desire includes elements of his past lives as Wisdom Teacher.  He wants to motivate and educate others.  He wants to uplift others but it won’t be always easy.  In his new life he will also have issues around power, wealth, and health.  He will not want to be controlled and will often do things to control his environment so that doesn’t happen.
As with his past, he is very much connected to humanity and society (Aquarian) and this time around doesn’t fear it and uses it to the individual’s benefit.  He tells people directly to their faces the truths he sees within them.

His death also acknowledges that he had some trouble asserting his will in his previous life (during the life that we know him as Manly P. Hall).

His life path is one of consultation, coaching, and mentorship.  Instead of focusing on a larger audience, Manly will be focusing one-on-one and perhaps just on one.

In this life, his destiny is one of helping others (or another) achieve their dreams and visions.  Anyone who gets the pleasure of receiving this “direct” coaching will surely rise to fame and fortune but this is mainly to assist in helping humanity.


It’s not surprising to me that Manly would choose a next life of focusing in on individuals rather than getting the knowledge out to the world.  It’s a natural progression really.  Now it’s time for him to take the world knowledge and tutor (if you will) individuals to their personal greatness.  Leaving a legacy of a new World Teacher in our midst.

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