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Sunday, April 17th, 2011

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Sunday, September 18th, 2005

Hi, I keep seeing people come to my blog for Tarotscopes but I don’t have the interest to do this right now. IF you really want a Tarotscope done, just leave your sun sign and I will do one for you (for free)!! 🙂 It’s really that simple. Otherwise, who knows when I’m going to be inspired to do this. haha

If you are familiar with horoscopes, you will likely have a good idea of what tarotscopes are.

The category of Tarotscopes will include a card pulled for each of the sun signs in the Zodiac. This column might be sporadic and dependant on the time and interest in pulling the cards. 🙂

If you want a Tarotscope, comment with your sun sign and I’m likely to do a Tarotscope for you (time-permitting).

Abella Arthur