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How Long Is It Okay To Say: HAPPY NEW YEAR?

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
A question was posed on Virgin Radio:  “How long is it okay to say Happy New Year”.
My responseS — a month, when the newness wears off, but better yet — for as long as we feel hopeful that it will continue to be happy.
BUT I think we should mix up the sayings… like “Have a great year!”, “Enjoy 2010”, “This is your year”, “It’s going to be a beauty”… etc… Change it up…
It’s the repetitive phrase that’s boring to constantly hear…
Challenge — How long can you say Happy New Year and get away with it without anyone noticing?? 🙂

Number Fun

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

One = Won
Two = Stew
Three = Free
Four = More
Five = Alive
Six = Sex
Seven = Leaven / Heavens
Eight = Mate
Nine = Fine
Ten = Zen
Eleven = Heaven
Twenty-Two = New Stew
Thirty-Three = Free Tree or Free Me