This blog is going to host a number of columns: Celebrity Rumour Busting, Fun & Interesting Tarot, General Psychic and Tarot Prose, World and Local Predictions, Tarot & Psychic Reflections, Tarotscopes, and Non-Tarot Alternative Thoughts & Practices.

Feel free to comment and add your own viewpoints as I journey through the paths of the esoteric.

God_s (for lack of a better word_s), the higher power, the creator, and the spirits that guide us, please give your blessings and inspiration to help us all lead a happier and more beautiful life so that we may join you one day in complete harmony with ourselves, You, and our family.

With warmth,


P.s. To me, no religion, spiritual, or philosophical belief is considered better than another; however, my background includes training in the Buddhist, Pagan, Baptist, Catholic, and Muslim arts. Hopefully I can soon add Kabbalah and Judaism. btw my learning and practices are not frivolous and it’s likely that at no point I will identify with just *one* religious, spiritual, or philosophical belief. You, of course, have the choice and free-will to do differently and that is respected.

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