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Mini Soul/Life Analysis — Ron L Hubbard

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

13 March 1911

Ron was definately a creative, in fact a creative Genius… truly.

His gift was in elevating and uplifting people spiritually through education.  He had a bit of an anal temperament in that things had to be just “so”. So lots of rules and regulations are the norm.   His knowledge was in nurturing others and being positive.  He knew how to do this.  He probably also liked food a lot.  His path is the same as many very successful people.  He was a leader and very achievement oriented — like Slyvia Browne.  He was someone who would battle many and all to get where he needed to go.  Finally his destiny was that of creating an organized and structure religious environment.  No kidding?!  I find these readings quite interesting (yes, my own readings) as they truly are accurate (yes, I’m personally stunned at how accurate my readings are but then again I don’t take credit for this knowledge so that’s probably why).
Slyvia Browne and Ron L. Hubbard have the same life path and destiny so it’s no wonder that they both “created” their own religious organizations.  It’s just that Ron’s Scientology is a lot more “creative” and I can totally see how actors would be drawn to it AND Slyvia’s religion is probably more “spirit” oriented and a way to magically connect to the other world (I don’t know if that is true or not… I’m just going by the reading).

Sylvia Browne Mini Analysis

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

19 October 1936

Her overwhelming need for achievement, leading, and creativity can keep her away from her natural psychic ability (yes, she has a natural psychic gift).

Unfortunately I see her relying on cold and hot reading and being very general, like Randi says about her, and I believe that’s because the people she reads for are demanding and will often not want to hear the truth so she’s giving “fantasy” readings.

The people she reads for in public also give way too much information. Perhaps she does more in her private readings. I know I won’t go into trance or use clairvoyance for $60 an hour yet that’s what people can afford and they ultimately get a “lot” from the reading — useful, practical, yet spiritual informaiton. I don’t feel it’s important to “entertain” people in private readings so much as to give useful and life moving information.
It’s also no wonder that she’s drawn to media appearances as it’s her path to achieve through such means. I just don’t believe she’s as spiritual as she can appear.

Her destiny is to help others find structure and balance within a dogmatic organization.

Silvia Browne: Audience Members Using Leading Questions — Leads to Psychic Scams

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Just watching Silvia Browne on Montel (she doesn’t say much different from I would (logical and practical, cold & hot reading) and I would say so much more (because of telepathic, clairsentient, and claircognizant skills) so I wonder…) but what really stood out was this:

1. The questioners provide “too much” background. Honestly it’s unnecessary and c can lead the psychic to focusing on what you are saying and using that in their response back to you.

2. “Will it happen soon?” Trust me, professional readers know you want everything “soon” or “now”. It’s best to leave it out of your question because a psychic could be “lead” to give you a sooner rather than later date to appease.

3. Don’t be tied to outcomes. When you do that, there is no room for information or messages to be chanelled to you; you get what you give. Be open when you get a reading.

4. A lot of information I get can be “weird” or not the “common” understanding of what a word means. When questioners said, “no, that’s not it”, Slyvia would spin it.

At least that’s what it looked like but the thing is I experience that all the time. I say a word like “relationship” and someone thinks it’s a “romantic” relationship but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a family, friend, co-workers, or romantic relationship.

I keep it general instead of highly specific because that’s the way the messages are passed to me. If I get a strong impression to specify it, I will otherwise the information is just as valid and useful to the questioner.

Anyway, Sylvia had to reword or re-explain what she was getting at, this to me is “normal” and as I said in the next post she does have psychic ability…

I’m just not certain she should be charging as much as she does because it doesn’t seem to be an exceptionally strong ability (of course I could be wrong) with giving high specifcs and accuracy.

Halle Berry Engagment

Sunday, June 11th, 2006
If she were to get engaged when would it take place? Sept 20-Oct 6
(this entry is going into lockdown until any word hits the press — I just don’t want my prediction to skew what happens).