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Fraudulent FREE Psychic Readings

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Just got a FREE reading response back but it was evident that no one of their psychics READ the question.  I guess it didn’t help that I labelled the question incorrectly with “this is a love question” and then I asked a financial question.

I didn’t have much faith that a live psychic would answer my question.  I thought it was fraudulent and fake but I wanted to see what would happen — testing my skepticism.

One thing they said before asking the question is that I could get the free question in a few days or I could get a live psychic now by paying.  Turns out the free question is a form response — potentially a number of possibilities and turns out (I should try this again — oh what fun) — came back within hours with a general statement about my apparent “love” question with a whole bunch of “act now” and buttons to click for a paid reading and then it.

This thing was FAKE.  No one had even looked at my question and with the HTML of the email, it had a “campaign link” to see how many suckers would actually think someone answered their question and then they wanted more.

Now I had offered free readings in the past but rarely got feedback so I thought of sending an auto responder saying that it might take a couple of months since I need to food and shelter and there was no reciprocation in free reading to feedback.  The auto responder was going to have a link to a paid reading.  Now I can see if I did that it would have looked like I was scamming when I really wasn’t because eventually I would have done the free reading but it would have taken time.

I’m not sure whether I should be upset with these frauds or upset with seekers.  It doesn’t take just minutes to do your reading and nothing is really free… then again someone like me does give away things for free but I can see that is a minority situation so I closed down the free readings because it wasn’t give and take — just take.  But now I can see why.  People expect that this is how things go.  Anyway, I could rant and babbly on about this forever and making no sense because I just don’t want to spend too much time on this topic but yeah…  this is bad bad bad.