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Tarot & Numbers One-on-One Workshops — Over-the-phone or In-person

Friday, March 24th, 2006

Missing Numbers: Identify your missing numbers and bring abundance and ease into your life.

Have you ever felt that something is missing? That life is a struggle at times? That if only x, y, z happened then you would be on the road to infinite success? Do you find yourself being your own worst enemy? Do you want more ease in your life?

In this one-on-one workshop, Abella Arthur (Certified Professional Tarot Reader) will calculate and identify your missing numbers. You will then discover how to integrate them into your core personality in positive, productive, and meaningful ways.

This is for anyone who wants to discover the missing links.

$45 US or $50 CDN — phone

$100 — in person

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Intuitive Tarot Reading: Learn how to read the cards in less than an hour.

Are you interested in Tarot but don’t have the time, patience, or interest to study it? Are you just not “getting” Tarot? Would you like to be able to read for yourself, friends, and family from time-to-time? Use the ancient cards of wisdom with ease.

Use the ancient cards of wisdom with ease in this one-on-one workshop with Abella Arthur (Certified Professional Tarot Reader). Abella helps you get reading confidently in a short period of time so you don’t need to study Tarot or any other system for years before becoming a proficient casual reader.

This is NOT for people who want to read professionally**.

$95 US or $100 CDN —

$175 — in person

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**Differences between a professional and hobbyist

Professional: Main source of income

As a professional you will have the ability to: handle difficult readings and challenging seekers, divine timelines, predict the future with great accuracy (freewill is, of course, always a factor), be specific, say something that you possibly couldn’t of known, be dedicated to continuous learning, improvement, and reading on a constant basis, develop reading relationships, handle energy drains, know other esoteric tools in great depth, and much much more.

If you are interested in professional training, please contact me for details.

Hobbyist: Not a main source of income

As a hobbyist, Tarot will not pervade your life. You will turn to this hobby whenever it suits your mood. You may read for people at parties on a whim rather than being scheduled to read. There will not be many books (i.e. over 6) or cards (i.e. over 3*) on your shelf related to Tarot. You will more than likely have difficulty with reading unique one-off questions or requests. Maybe you have never tried to read Tarot but it’s intriguing and you may decide to take it up as a hobby.

* — collectors are not necessarily hobbyist readers

A hobbyist may eventually become a professional.