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Today’s Psychic Fair for Charity: Toronto

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Today was quite a good day at the fair — both for myself and for seekers. I did nine readings.
With comments like, “this is such a great day, glad I came”… and “wow, I didn’t know I had such potential”, “that’s bang on”, “I’m amazed at how accurate that is”, and “I’m just basking in your wonderful energy — feels good”… well, I felt good. I love that give/take of positive energy.

With the permission of a seeker, I took their picture because they had such a beautiful presence and were so colourful and full of life — not usual. They were all for it — that was so nice of them! 🙂 (if you are reading this, remember to email me to ask for copies!!)

I also read for someone who had a birth date of a few days apart from mine — that was really really neat!! Same birth month and year… though she was different from me — I found that “interesting”.
Some readings were more challenging and others information just kept pouring down from the neverlands… it was great although by the end I felt quite tired but not because of emotional vampirism (which can happen) — which is odd, since I shared a lot of my energy with others but I’m glad that I’m finally able to “keep my space but share at the same time” and that seekers are learning not to suck my energy out and then not return any back. *grin* Oh so cool!!

Anyway, just want to say THANKS… thanks for a day full of abundance and good cheer!