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Hurry before Introductory Pricing Ends – Toronto Psychic LIFE Coach (by phone)

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Hurry before Introductory Pricing Ends – Toronto Psychic LIFE Coach (by phone)

Heal, grow, lift your spirits…

About 4 months ago a new service called “Psychic Life Coaching” was offered.
The completion of the first series of 8 powerful sessions are finished or close to finished and it’s been found that the sessions are of great benefit.
One unexpected and overwhelming thing clients have told me is that they wished they came to me before it was “too late”, meaning before their situation turned sour.
My clients have found their psychic life coach sessions extremely beneficial (some saying even better than traditional therapy) and I know you will too.
As a professional psychic, it’s my hope that my strong suggestion to take care of a problem before it turns into a nightmare is heeded.
So not only am I asking you to take care of that problem NOW but I am also saying introductory pricing won’t last much longer either — again, take care of the problem now. 🙂

You may Learn about:
* money, career, relationships, family, education, health, etc.
* what happened, what is happening, and what will happen
* motivations, reasons, and patterns
* karmic and soul connections and lessons
* yourself and your environment more deeply.

* questions asked
* a healing
* to grow
* to be heard and understood
* to hear and understand
* advice
* homework / session excercises
* to focus on one goal at a time
* let the process unfold

Current goals I have / am helping my clients achieve:
* Identifying if a relationship should be kept or moved away from
* Emotional independence
* Overcoming obsessive thoughts
* Increasing self-worth
* Career success

These sessions have been introduced less expensively because there wasn’t a surety of the outcome (humility). What’s been discovered (not oddly) is that a lot of work is being put into offering these sessions (before, during, and after)
and that’s not really surprising because there’s a habit to do everything beyond expectations (note to self 🙂 so these “introductory rates” are not likely to last much longer (especially since they are far below regular psychic session and industry standard life coaching fees).

So take care of that persistent problem before it grows out of hand. Call me: 647-895-4233 (2-8pm EST seven days a week)
or email me through my website: