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Effective Toronto Psychic Readings: Psychic Life Coaching

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Toronto Psychic Life Coaching

Psychic Life Coaching is a preferred way of using psychic gifts because it’s more effective, productive, and long lasting especially for complex or long standing issues.  Psychic Life Coaching allows for connecting with a client over a period of time so that they may achieve goals that are set and defined in an introduction session.  Instead of having all the answers, the client is empowered to make their own decisions in connection to insight and recommendations given as well as powerful questions to help the client investigate reasons, thoughts, and feelings.

Many times the reason for relationships going sour is a non or misunderstanding of the other person’s motivations, strengths, challenges, personality type, way of living and breathing.  That misunderstanding includes the client’s lack of knowledge about themselves too.  In a pyschic life coaching session we peel onion layer by layer or pull the petals away from the flower to expose the core self.

In a psychic life coaching session you can also experience a healing, advice, support, professional friendship, and…

  • Find, set, and meet goals
  • Overcome blockages
  • Get powerful insights
  • Feel better
  • Connect with someone who cares
  • Be the star that I know you are!

Now while it’s simplest to call what I do Psychic Life Coaching, I am truly more of a Wisdom Guide in that I guide you towards and help you become more confident in your own wisdom.

You may Learn about:

  • money, career, relationships, family, education, health, etc.
  • heal, grow, lift your spirits,
  • what happened, what is happening, and what will happen
  • motivations, reasons, and patterns
  • karmic and soul connections and lessons
  • yourself and your environment more deeply.


  • questions asked
  • a healing
  • to grow
  • to be heard and understood
  • to hear and understand
  • advice
  • homework
  • to focus on one goal at a time
  • let the process unfold

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