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Where did Modern Day Science come from?

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Mathematics originated from Numerology (Pythagoreus)
Psychology originated from Tarot (Carl Jung)
Astronomy originated from Astrology
Chemistry originated from Alchemy
Dermatoglyphics (police fingerprinting / medical disease diagnosis) originated from palmistry (cheiromancy) Chirognomy / Chirosophy / Chirology

etc. etc.

Modern day science has its origins from ancient wisdom. Scientists during the scientific revolution – 11th to 18th centuries — mainly around 17th century) took what could be reproduced with the scientific method and left what they couldn’t understand / reproduce out. This, in effect, left the world beleeving (believing) that ancient wisdom is bunk (which it is not).

I am a student of ancient wisdom and proof that it does work and is very useful to our society and living the best lives possible.