Where did Modern Day Science come from?

Mathematics originated from Numerology (Pythagoreus)
Psychology originated from Tarot (Carl Jung)
Astronomy originated from Astrology
Chemistry originated from Alchemy
Dermatoglyphics (police fingerprinting / medical disease diagnosis) originated from palmistry (cheiromancy) Chirognomy / Chirosophy / Chirology

etc. etc.

Modern day science has its origins from ancient wisdom. Scientists during the scientific revolution – 11th to 18th centuries — mainly around 17th century) took what could be reproduced with the scientific method and left what they couldn’t understand / reproduce out. This, in effect, left the world beleeving (believing) that ancient wisdom is bunk (which it is not).

I am a student of ancient wisdom and proof that it does work and is very useful to our society and living the best lives possible.

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