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Numerology: Take Two — Pictures in Numbers

Monday, October 31st, 2005

November 6, 2005

Today I decided to re-focus my attention on numerology. Interestingly while I was picking up some orange calcite (yummy stone) from the gem store, the clerk and I got into a discussion of how *accurate* numerology truly is… even more so than astrology.

Anyway, this is what I came up with. I’m certain someone else has come up with it at some point but it isn’t *commonly* talked about.

This post focuses on the “shape” and “visual impression” of each number and how it can be an immediate connection to the *meaning* of each number. 🙂

1 — stands on its own. straight up and down. alone. powerful. independent of other expanding elements.
2 — not closed, open ended. two end points that connects between.
3 — half of the energy of an eight. sharing power, health, and wealth. lively connection between three points
4 — stability. sturdy triangular box or square container to put stuff in. stands on own yet part of an expanded element. fortitude. grace. graceful.
5 — changing course. indecisive. eccentricity. combines all numbers — midpoint.
6 — circular. coming together. supportive role with the circle at the bottom. grounded connectedness.
7 — with the traditional “cross” through the T portion, the emphasis is on religion and detached analysis of spirituality.
8 — infinity. there’s never enough power, health, and wealth and it show flow through and within me, not to escape towards anyone else. containment.
9 — reverse of 6 with enhanced energy of 6. leadership role with the circle at the top. collective consciousness connectedness
10 — individualism which connects to wholeness and nothingness. beginning and end with individual one at the helm.

Anyway, that’s a rough *sketch* of how the visual translates into the verbal.

Update: January 2010 I have had this blog since 2005 and I have been looking through it again…  >> The above post was written before learning about any discussion about the shapes of numbers.  About a year later I found a discussion about it in a book about numerology!