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Why Wait for a Psychic Reading? (Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology etc..)

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

I was just contemplating on why I don’t like doing full length readings on-the-fly and I have many many good reasons why I avoid them (for seeker and myself) so I add a discourage charge to help seekers avoid them too.

And before I turned professional, I realized that I would call up a local psychic (once a year mind you) and want a reading next day (karma) like I was buying a bag of chips or something as opposed to connecting with a single person who doesn’t have a fancy support system of receptionists, assistants, and administration staff.

Anyway, I came up with this analogy:  Getting a reading before a crisis happens is like going to the doctor only when you are very sick.  Why wait until you get sick to get a check-up?  Prevention is ideal.  Sure, sometimes it’s not preventable but many times it is.  So don’t wait until you are in crisis mode to get a reading and avoid seeing readings as something you can get right away (especially if the reader is good — they are probably busy and already scheduled *wink*).  In this way, life flows more smoothly.
Also my full length readings should last 6-12 months and that’s because I’m thorough and provide meaningful and productive responses.  So if nothing is happening, ask yourself if you are doing anything?

Now, if you want to get one of my other flavourful readings that focus on an entirely different subject, then I’m happy to see you bi-weekly — otherwise, I ask people to take some time away from me before they get another reading.  Reflect, Act, and Enjoy!

On-Demand Readings

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Recently I have had a rash of on-demand readings.  I do NOT do on-demand readings unless I’m logged onto a system.

The reasons I don’t do on-demand readings are as follows:

1. I pray and meditate on your issue before doing your reading. I basically place myself in a frame of mind that allows me to connect to your concern and I ultra focus. When I log into a system I still pray and meditate before the reading set but I don’t do it for every contact as I receive request after request to do a reading — literally it’s non-stop!! You would think I would always want to do this but a) it’s exhausting and b) it’s impersonal. It’s not my cup of tea!
2. I have a busy full-time practice and I’m not tied to the phone, reading equipment, or computer at all hours. So payment NEEDS to be made before we even set your appointment. Even if we set it, it’s “tentative” until I receive payment and I don’t put it in my calendar because it’s not set. If I get another request before I receive payment, the date may no longer be available.

I’m not going to rip you off but I have had seekers rip me off. If you pay by Paypal and I don’t end up reading for you, you can get a refund but I have “NEVER” had this happen!! So lets just do the “right” thing and pay before you book your appointment. It’s one thing to ask questions about the service I provide and when I might be able to provide it, it’s another for me to have to constantly check to see if a payment has been made and then to read “on-demand” — I have other things I am doing and the payment may not end up showing anyway.
3. On demand readings are of a lesser quality. You may not notice as questioner but you may not of had a reading like mine before. It’s all relative. Do yourself a favour and wait for a good time to do the reading. I often book 2 weeks in advance and yes, you DO want a reader that is actually busy. That’s a GOOD sign! 😉

Psychic Tarot Reading Referrals

Saturday, January 14th, 2006

I have finally accepted that I don’t like referrals much. Now that’s so against traditional “business strategies” as receiving referrals and word-of-mouth is what sustains a business — so is, “repeat customers” but I believe neither of these *strategies* are productive or positive experiences for reader or seeker..


On Referrals and Word-of-Mouth

Situation: The original seeker rants and raves about the readers abilities as the reading went above and beyond the seeker’s expectations but the referree doesn’t feel the same after their reading. Why does that happen? It’s simple. The expectations have been raised a few notches. Whereas if they came to you on their own, they would have more likely ranted and raved as well. 🙂

So I think I’m going to start downplaying referrals as I do not believe they are the best method for giving awesome readings.

On Repeat Customers

When I give a reading, it’s fairly complete, empowering, and energizing. I would rather develp in the seeker heart, mind, and soul to believe in their own intuition and life unravelling as it should be than to have them continuously coming back to me. Again, I don’t think that’s positive or productive.

Having said that, consulting the Tarot, oracles, or other divinatory methods, for handling today’s issues, is a “really great” opportunity and I’m happy to help others navigate their choice, options, challenges, and strengths. For example I’m a life, business, and spiritual coach and coaching is definately an on-going sort of relationship.

I guess I need to reframe what it is that I do and to cultivate the type of seekers in my practice that would most benefit from my way of reading. *grin*

As for “repeat seekers”, who like to seek “future oriented” predictions, I would be more happy to see them once or twice a year then every other week or once a month (which is traditional business strategy — then again, I’m not traditional and I’m people-focused). Hmmmm….

Want a reading with a difference?

Recent Psychic Tarot Reading Testimonial

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

“wow you are GREAT !!!!!!!!!! you really are !”

I was surprised to get this because the question posed was “When” and hey I have been known to ask Tarot readers (in the past before I went professional) “When will x,y,z happen?”.

As a professional, I understand that When questions are sort of an oxymoron. It’s as if the querant (seeker) expects that the event will happen at some point but just “when”. Now I’m all for positive thinking and stuff but when I do the reading or get the impression and find there is “no” when, I’m in a difficult position.

“Um, there is no when, there’s only a no: There will likely never be a when.”

Of course, I try to leave the “no” to the end after I have talked about what’s going on and such and in this case it was a “no… the two of you will not live happily ever after unless you are willing to make a compromise that I dont’ think you are willing to make” and get this response: “wow you are GREAT !!!!!!!!!! you really are !”

Of course there is freewill, but I look at percentages when forecasting the future — there’s a scale to predictions because of freewill and once a prediction has been “said” that can alter an outcome as well (freewill). If the scale is close to the extreme “no” said, then I suggest the outcome is “unlikely” and if I get pushed for an absolute I might say, “no, but if you do x,y,z — it could change to yes”. They can then decide whether x,y,z is worth their while (which usually it isn’t).

While most others were telling her — yes, it will happen — I wasn’t blindsided by the “when” question and as a person with integrity I “needed” to tell her the truth as it was presented to me. Truth, of course, is subjective and ultimately I do not believe in truth or falsehoods, good or bad; however, I use those terms because of the imagery behind the words.

So, I’m humbled to get such testimonials because somehow Tarot, oracles, and my impressions “work” and at the end of the day, I just want to help people communicate with themselves so they can better communicate with others. I want people to take positive, productive, and meaningful actions towards themselves and the people and issues they care about.