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I have finally accepted that I don’t like referrals much. Now that’s so against traditional “business strategies” as receiving referrals and word-of-mouth is what sustains a business — so is, “repeat customers” but I believe neither of these *strategies* are productive or positive experiences for reader or seeker..


On Referrals and Word-of-Mouth

Situation: The original seeker rants and raves about the readers abilities as the reading went above and beyond the seeker’s expectations but the referree doesn’t feel the same after their reading. Why does that happen? It’s simple. The expectations have been raised a few notches. Whereas if they came to you on their own, they would have more likely ranted and raved as well. 🙂

So I think I’m going to start downplaying referrals as I do not believe they are the best method for giving awesome readings.

On Repeat Customers

When I give a reading, it’s fairly complete, empowering, and energizing. I would rather develp in the seeker heart, mind, and soul to believe in their own intuition and life unravelling as it should be than to have them continuously coming back to me. Again, I don’t think that’s positive or productive.

Having said that, consulting the Tarot, oracles, or other divinatory methods, for handling today’s issues, is a “really great” opportunity and I’m happy to help others navigate their choice, options, challenges, and strengths. For example I’m a life, business, and spiritual coach and coaching is definately an on-going sort of relationship.

I guess I need to reframe what it is that I do and to cultivate the type of seekers in my practice that would most benefit from my way of reading. *grin*

As for “repeat seekers”, who like to seek “future oriented” predictions, I would be more happy to see them once or twice a year then every other week or once a month (which is traditional business strategy — then again, I’m not traditional and I’m people-focused). Hmmmm….

Want a reading with a difference?

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