Revelations Tarot Deck Set by Zach Wong: Truly a wonderful deck! — Review

Revelations Tarot _ 2 of Cups UprightRevelations Tarot _ 2 of Cups Reversed

I’m a professional Psychic Tarot & Divinatory Reader. While I don’t *need* tools to do a reading, I LOVE tools! 🙂 Also tools can enhance a reading and since I’m visually (as well as verbally) oriented, I love delving into scrumptious images which enhance the psychic impressions received.

Now I normally avoid sharing my “trade secrets” with people but two things are of issue here: 1. I want the Revelations deck to become a “classic” so I can buy a deck whenever I like as opposed to “stockpiling decks” like I often do (worried about tools going out of print), 2. Zach Wong is a wonderfully *nice* person whom I’m compelled to promote! 🙂 [I don’t know him personally but he always answers my questions in a prompt and pleasant way — mind you, my questions are about 15 words long — unlike this review! haha].

Revelations IS the only deck, that I’m aware of, that has reverse images to reflect the reversed Tarot meanings of each card. Imagine getting a reversed card (if you work in both upright and reverse) and just seeing an upside-down image. If you are visual, like me, this is an annoyance because it’s difficult (though not impossible) to glean visual information and rather one might go from stored memory to come to the meaning of the reversed card or forget about the card and rely on intuition or psychic impressions instead. However, with the Revelations deck a “brand new image” appears in the reversed position (see examples above) to offer additional or differing meaning from the upright position.

The Revelations deck has an abstract surreal quality to it with a lot of fine and enlarged details going on. It can be used both as a reading and meditative deck. The colour usage seems symbolic and I find myself gaining immediate “impressions” from the cards as the hues impart great information. As I lean in and take a closer look, more information is received from both the fine and enlarged shapes and drawings. I have no complaint other than I would like to see the astrological symbols on each card with a longer lasting card stock.

THE DECK TO GET — For beginner and advanced Tarotists
The Revelations Tarot Book Set is THE deck to have in addition to any or all of the original or inspired versions of these classic Tarot decks: Rider-Waite, Thoth, and Marseilles.

But let’s say you only want one deck and would rather use intuition instead of reading a whole bunch of books of Tarot meanings — then THIS deck is for you. However, instead of it being a lighter version — how most *you don’t need to study Tarot for long* oracle-type decks are — this deck is intense and both beginner and advanced Tarotists will find tremendous value in it.
If the deck wasn’t enough, this set comes with an organdy black silky bag, box for the deck (which you can colour or place stickers on — basically personalize the cardboard box) and a companion book about the cards meanings (a key idea, upright and reversed meanings, image and colour symbology).

Unlike many books, the prose is clear, clean, and sparse. Now some might say sparse is not good but the old adage goes here, “less is more”. He says what he needs to say, in a very personable manner, and doesn’t fill the book with a lot of fluff. And who needs to read fluff in such a fast paced world?

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Revelations Tarot _ 9 of Cups UprightRevelations Tarot _ 9 of Cups Reversed

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