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Gnosticism & Homosexuality: Take the best; leave the rest!

Friday, April 14th, 2006

I was listening to some audio on and I “think” I heard something about homosexuality being a sin.

I just want to say that my personal belief system does not agree with that. I am a spiritual being that does not judge others but rather helps others judge their own actions. It’s not for me to tell others how to live their life. I am impartial, non-racist, and non-discrimatory. If it’s your belief that homosexuality is a sin, that is your belief and should have “no” bearing on whether I can read well for you or not. Anyway, I just wanted to point that out.

I do not believe everything I hear, read, and see. I question. I’m a skeptic. I’m an open learner. I take the best and leave the rest and I ask that anyone who reads my blog or receives my readings does the same! Thank you. 🙂

This is one reason why that although I feel connected to and have practiced many spiritual paths: Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Gnosticism, etc etc — I do not belong to any “one” church. Rather I belong to ALL faiths.
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Special DAILY Tarot Reading by a Certified Professional Tarot Reader

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT miss opportunities and to AVOID mishaps each and every day?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know “whats your gift and how to manifest it” and “what’s your challenge and how to overcome it” each and every day and for it not to cost a fortune??

Abella Arthur, Psychic Certified Professional Tarot Reader (CPTR) is available to be your personal reader each and every day AND to look at the spiritual messages brought to you from far away places. She is here as a channel and medium for your everyday happiness and to bring you closer to YOUR personal intuition and higher self so that you can have the best days of your life.

“She does NOT use computerized software and will be personally honing in on you and your day by way of cards and psychic impression.”

These messages are QUICK one liners so you don’t need to spend a long amount of time reading. Less is more in this case and an impactful parable is sure to start your day off RIGHT! 🙂

Try it out for 5 days at $10 (that’s $2.00 a day — a cup of coffee), everyone is raving about it:

“Thank you so much, you are spot on… So Thank You again”
“Been thinking about your short reading for me, and it’s so unfortunately true! lol”
“Abella, thank you so much for this very detailed explanation! Will just say that you’re very, very right and I perfectly understand the issue (challenge) at hand.”
“Thank you abella…things are much more clear now..”

Additional Days:
5 days = $15($3.00 a day)
10 days = $25($2.50 a day)
15 days = $34($2.67 a day)
20 days = $42($2.10 a day)
25 days = $48($1.92 a day)
30 days = $53($1.77 a day)

* Should you like to have a reading, at the end of the day or next three, related to the gift or challenge it’s offered at the low rate of $15.00 for a 15 minute mini reading!

Disclaimer: Readings are a form of entertainment, self discovery, and self-enlightenment by a non-licensed yet certified professional. Take the best and leave the rest! A reader can provide insights and suggestions but is not a replacement for professional licensed advice. Please see my code of ethics:

Just a blip in a sea of oneness

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Just the other day I finally found my humility. I never wanted to be humble for humble’s sake. It’s not that I was necessarily arrogant in a classical sense but rather in a metaphysical sense.

I realize now that any original idea is not as original as I thought it was and that there will always be at least one other that has thought about, thinks about it, or will think about it and who has done it, does it, and will do it and I may never actually “see” this happening.

I’m known as an ideas person for those that don’t know me well or can’t see that. I come up with stuff even if I haven’t read, heard, or seen it. I used to think I was some visionary — well, maybe I still am. But it’s do to the collective unconcious, spirits, the Creator, and all the people, plants, and animals that I interact with on a daily basis that gift me ideas.

For example, I used to think I had an ephiphany about this idea:

Everything you didn’t have as a kid and everything you struggled with all your life, becomes your mission. Such a simple concept and yet I didn’t happen upon it until 1-2 years ago when I was working quite hard at trying to put together a mission statement just out of my own thoughts. Then it dawned on me as I kept working with it and working with my partner’s that whatever we didn’t have as a child, we want to give to others as soon as we are capable of it.

Below is an example of writing I did for one my Mindlogos clients:

(with permission)
Sally’s Personal Mini Mindbio
Sally loves variety, travel, & conversation. She is socially aware, likes to volunteer , and give to other’s to “fight the cause”. With an analytical and spiritual disposition, she is a pillar of society and involves herself in community service.

Through these personality traits she creates harmony, co-operation, balance, and partnership with others. However, in order to manifest this, Sally needs to find the confidence to lead the way.
Reworked — Sally at 10 years old (hypothetical based on re-word)
Sally didn’t get much variety, travel, or conversation while growing up. While she was socially aware and wanted to volunteer, she wasn’t allowed and noticed that others didn’t care like she did. Others don’t analyze problems like she does or are connected to spirituality and so she feels out of place within her environment. When she grows up she plans to be a pillar of society by being careful and caring.
As you might see what she does now is what she does and continues to intend to do in the future: Give others what she didn’t get as a child! And that is, in large part, her mission.

Sally’s Mission Statement

My mission is to motivate and inspire, justice and peace through other’s new experiences of the world.

Another Example
Jessica’s Mini Mindbio

Jessica loves stories. In a story she can create characters of difference that balance and harmonize. In the past these stories were fiction; however, with her company she creates works of truth. Jessica says, “Life is a story to be unraveled through curiosity and playfulness!

Reworked — shadow side

Jessica loves stories. While growing up the people around her, including herself, were not allowed to be different and that created imbalances and disharmony in her life as well as the lives of others. So she created stories that were completely different from this reality. Jessica also wasn’t allowed to be curious and playful while growing up — things are now different!

Her mission

My mission is to inspire others to be bold with grace. Playfulness, creativity, curiosity, and intuition are the foundational elements to healing and harmony.

Just to mention there’s a lot more to what was put together for these two ladies and it included the use of esoteric tools — how’s that for practical?! 🙂

Interested in a VMV — values, mission, and vision brad development — just visit Mindlogos today!


Today, as I was reading a really important book by an amazing author/innovator on one of the many esoteric subjects I read, I saw him say this: “At the moment of birth, we are each given a specific inner mountain to climb… supporting, teaching, or guiding others who are facing the same or similar issues helps us to progress on our own path.  We know this subconsciously thus we often teach what we most need to learn (note from Abella — teachers be humble! *smile*”.

Certified Professional Tarot Reader (CPTR)

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

I have just received my CPTR status through the Canadian Tarot Network! 🙂