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Mysterion the MindReader: Magicians and Psychics — What’s the difference?

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

I saw Mysterion on Daytime Toronto (having worked alongside him once before he’s a *nice* person and enthusiastic showman < --endorsement) and the things he was doing seemed to be very similar to what a psychic (or myself could do), i.e. telepathy, energy transference, predictions... That might be why I enjoy watching Criss Angel so much because I see such similarities. With seeing Mysterion and my recent fascination with Magicians I believe I'm being (for some odd reason) pulled into learning more about it for the past 6 months.

I do understand that magicians purport that their acts are about illusion and tricks and psychics believe they are receiving divine downloads but are the “mind bending” tricks that magicians use (especially ones related to energy transfer — voice, body, or mind) anything different than what a psychic uses?  And does it matter?
I see the biggest difference between Magicians (and mentalists) and myself is that my *major* focus is healing and magicians seem to focus on shock. *shrugs*

The way I see it, my *focus* or goal is to heal (through settling minds, for example) and if the techniques I use work personally I don’t care how it works I just know it does.  My approach is consulting, coaching, and counseling whereas as a magicians is mind boggling shocking performance.

Now given I just said my main focus is “healing” I do appreciate that what I do is entertaining but usually on a one-on-one basis.  And since I LOVE entertainment (I have a life path of 3 with a destiny of 11) I’m very cool on healing through entertainment.  🙂
Who knows? I guess it’s time to explore this more and do some research. *grin*

At the psychic fair… What does 808 mean?

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

I was asked what 808 meant as a seeker often saw that number. Unfortunately there are a ton of “spiritual numbers” and their “significance” out there and my interest in not large in that area so it’s less likely that I will remember them; however, I am great with research and have a number of books that I can access for this information.

Anyway, here’s some information on 808 in case this seeker is reading the blog:

Take from the Bible Meanings site

808. And he destroyed every substance. That this signifies cupidities which are of the love of self, is evident from what follows, where they are described by representatives. “Substance” is predicated of the things of the will, because from the will all things with man arise, that is, come into existence and subsist. The will is the very substance of man, or the man himself. The cupidities of the antediluvians were of the love of self. There are two most universal kinds of cupidities: one kind belongs to the love of self, the other to the love of the world. A man desires nothing else than what he loves, and therefore cupidities belong to his love. With these men the love of self reigned, and consequently its cupidities. For they so loved themselves that they believed themselves to be gods, not acknowledging any God above themselves; and of this they persuaded themselves.

Doreen Virtue explains it more simply, less scaryily and religiously

800 or 808 – A message from your Divine Creator, signifying that the impending endings are part of your overall Diving plan. They are answers to your prayers, and in alignment with God’s [w]ill for you. Ask God to help allay any fears or worries you may have about these upcoming changes.

Abella’s approach to 808 is that it divines to 7 and 7 is about introspection, patterns, and spirituality. It’s a time to reflect, learn, and rest before the 8 comes to town and one thing about 8’s are energy!

Gospel of Judas: Marvin Meyer, Craig Evans, Bart Ehrman, Elaine Pagels

Saturday, April 8th, 2006

Exciting videos with scholars being quite entertaining and intellectual about religious history! Ohhhh… I always LOVE hearing from people that have a passion about what they do, know, and love and don’t fear being outspoken. yay!! *grin* Do not be shamed by your passion.
It’s an orgasmic experience. Thank you for sharing your brain.

Just found out the son of Adam and Eve was named Seth after Cane and Able *weird*. For some reason I only have Cane and Able in my head and I heard the name of Seth before but for some reason have a “negative” impression of Seth but not sure why. More investigating needed. 🙂

Something that was said by Meyer…
The spirit and power of Seth became incarnate of the figure of Jesus — speaking the word of Seth (gospel — good news of Seth).

Oh, now I also remember a couple of “channelers” who have said that they are channeling “Seth”… hmmm… *curious*

Things I believe in:

“There’s a spark of the divine within every person that has knowledge… a bit of God in that is inside each person”

Everyone has a direct access to God. You don’t have to go through any priest, rabbi, bishops, or any intermediator. The orthodox church or much of society doesn’t like the fact that individuals beat to their own drum and so try to stomp it out at all times. But all that is important is that you listen to God and the voice within. 🙂

Stuff about the story or what scholars say…

Judas was asked by Jesus to help him release his soul from his body. The apostles didn’t understand him. There were 13 apostles instead of 12 — Mary Magdelence was the priestess-wife and one of the apostles.

Judas had the insight and courage to betray Jesus as Jesus requested it.

Details left out of bible.. i.e. which apostle did what, etc.. “secret arrangements”. The apostles couldn’t understand why Judas would have gave him over to the soldiers but this text may give a good explanation of why that occured.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (first Christians)…
new testament more accurate about the history…

some things are fact and maybe others fiction… it would be hard to know unless one wants to believe or disbelieve.

I will post more on this thread as time passes…

Calm and relax your heart: Listen and chat to OM

Saturday, April 8th, 2006