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WOW (Words of Wisdom) — You are what you eat!

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

When you eat well and take care of yourself, you want to continue doing that so a cycle begins; however, when you eat badly and do not take care of yourself (body, spirit, and mind) you want to continue doing that.

It’s easy to stop doing what is good for us.  It’s also easy to get on a spiralling cycle of life challenge.

It may seem bizarre that someone would want to continue eating what they know is not good for them but there’s the “attraction” element.  It’s easy to be attracted to what isn’t good for us; however, if we have a shift (and it can be a very small one) then we can start the road to being attracted to what “is” good for us.  And when we starting cycle in to what is a healthy and happy life, we wonder why we could of ever wanted what was bad for us.

The old adage “You are what you eat” can apply to the people you have in your life “You attract who you are”.  If you are not healthy, expect to attract partners who are not healthy either.

Happy good and healthy eating and living!!

9 of Wands Tarot Card by Abella Arthur

Monday, August 14th, 2006


Nine of Wands

by Abella

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist’s Bio

This card is in celebration of the goalie from the game of hockey: A favourite Canadian national sport.

The goalie ensures the 9 of Wands puck does not get into the net and helps his or her teammates play defensively. Yet the goalie, in large part, stands and skates alone within a confined space.

Abella went with an abstract, surreal, minimalist, graphic design, advertisement, post-modern mass effect for this 9 of Wands Tarot card.

Many levels of meaning are intended to be found by each individual viewer of the card and Abella can only attempt to describe but a few of the consciously created details, symbolism, and meaning that exists within the card.

For example, one may see a goalie made up of the word “goalie” as well as hockey sticks for knee pads or perhaps a hockey rink (glass, boards, and ice).


The goalie’s knee pads and hockey stick make up the traditional 9 wands of fire. The stick symbolizes the passion and tool used for the goalie to protect the net.

The abstract goalie’s eye is a sun that sees clearly the goal ahead as well as telling the opposing team to steer clear away lest they be burned by the sun.

In astrology your sun sign signifies outwardly appearing personality traits. This card’s elemental significance is sun in Sagittarius. Sagittarius belongs to the element of fire and it’s here where the sign becomes the mouth on our abstract goalie. The goalie is letting us know what type of personality he or she is.

Many Sagittarius’ seek challenge, adventure, and freedom and are optimistic and enthusiastic. They work well with others but prefer personal independence. These traits are expressed in the goalie personality as well.


Black: Strength, Injured, masculinity
Red: Passion, Strength, femininity
Blue: Icey Cold, Bruised, masculinity
White: Good Intentions, Snow, femininity
The months between November and March are considered the winter season for Toronto, Ontario and most of Canada. This also happens to be a time when ice hockey is played a lot.

Card Meaning

The 9 of Wands is about standing up to a powerful force even if that means doing it alone and potentially getting hurt in that process. The 9 of Wands is about being prepared, determined, dedicated, tough, independent, an energized gate, overcoming adversity, focusing strength, confident, and having a positive outlook that leads to future success. It says: “I’m not giving up!”

The 9 of Wands is the beginning of the end. This card holds both masculine and feminine energies due to the element of fire and the number 9. It is a card that sees a person at both his or her weakest and strongest point while coming out alive and kicking — stronger than ever before.

When the 9 of Wands represents a person, he or she masters and sacrifices his or her fear in order to drum up the focused and precise strength needed to reach the goal of protection.

Artistic Media

Digital design and photo of a puck.

Artist’s Bio

Abella lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada — home to many hockey players (one of which includes her beautiful partner & fellow psychic Tarot reader Ryan). She is a full time esoteric reader, teacher, and entertainer focusing on psychic abilities, Tarot and other tools.


On learning psychic and esoteric skills (tarot, palmistry, astrology, numerology, etc)

Monday, August 7th, 2006

Learning psychic and esoteric skills lasts a lifetime — it’s like learning to ride a bike or drive a car (you are likely not to forget it and it’s very helpful to have that skill).  A vehicle, like a bike or car, allows you to travel faster and have more fun getting to your destination.  Reading people, situations, and events is a vehicle that allows you to travel faster and have fun too.

Mysterion the MindReader: Magicians and Psychics — What’s the difference?

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

I saw Mysterion on Daytime Toronto (having worked alongside him once before he’s a *nice* person and enthusiastic showman < --endorsement) and the things he was doing seemed to be very similar to what a psychic (or myself could do), i.e. telepathy, energy transference, predictions... That might be why I enjoy watching Criss Angel so much because I see such similarities. With seeing Mysterion and my recent fascination with Magicians I believe I'm being (for some odd reason) pulled into learning more about it for the past 6 months.

I do understand that magicians purport that their acts are about illusion and tricks and psychics believe they are receiving divine downloads but are the “mind bending” tricks that magicians use (especially ones related to energy transfer — voice, body, or mind) anything different than what a psychic uses?  And does it matter?
I see the biggest difference between Magicians (and mentalists) and myself is that my *major* focus is healing and magicians seem to focus on shock. *shrugs*

The way I see it, my *focus* or goal is to heal (through settling minds, for example) and if the techniques I use work personally I don’t care how it works I just know it does.  My approach is consulting, coaching, and counseling whereas as a magicians is mind boggling shocking performance.

Now given I just said my main focus is “healing” I do appreciate that what I do is entertaining but usually on a one-on-one basis.  And since I LOVE entertainment (I have a life path of 3 with a destiny of 11) I’m very cool on healing through entertainment.  🙂
Who knows? I guess it’s time to explore this more and do some research. *grin*