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Psychic Tarot & Tools School

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Join a Divine Class

Find joy and happiness in a life and/or work changing experience.

* Does learning a new skill – namely Tarot reading — appeal to you?
* Would you like to read for friends and family or perhaps start your own professional Psychic Tarot Reading business?
* Want to know how to use psychic skills in a positive and meaningful way?
* Are you interested in the occult as related to Tarot?
* Is it time to change your career but you don’t want to go back to corporate life?
Abella Arthur, Psychic Certified Professional Tarot Reader (CPTR), is your principle Divine Class guide while you create a personal, professional, and/or business relationship with the Tarot and related esoteric subjects.

The Divine Class teaching methodology is unique, v.i.p. oriented, highly spiritual yet pragmatic and specifically provides information not commonly known.

Abella, who is a seond generation psychic reading since 1996, is experienced in training and teaching. Her educational and work background also includes small business and people management, counseling, consulting, and coaching with extensive business acumen.

Email Abella today to get some additional information about the Divine Class programs: Apprentice, Journeyperson, Professional, and Business. Please also include your phone number for a callback.

Note: Class size is purposefully VERY limited and the professional and business programs require an application process.


“I enjoyed my class very much. I liked the one on one attention and that the entire class was tailored to my learning needs. I was very comfortable with your teaching style and found your casual confidence completely contagious. The time flew and I loved that I had the chance at the end of the class to openly discuss my own feelings and ideas about the tarot. You have a knack for teaching and have definitely found your niche. I look forward to taking future classes with you.”

“I used to be skeptical about Tarot, however you showed me how to awaken my spiritual mind to the possibilities of the universe. I recently used what I learned at a special event and the responses I received were staggeringly mindblowing! The Tarot provides me with a uniquely challenging environment, in which I can easily overcome a diagnosed case of ADD. Your calm demeanor and alternative teaching style is refreshing, and my self-esteem has increased ten-fold. Thank you for everything!”

“I truly had a good time with you as well. As mentioned, I knew that I would, but I didn’t know that our session would yield such great results. I spoke before about not having an outlet to express my curiosity about the tarot. But I think that I “read well” because I wasn’t afraid of telling you what came to my mind or intuition. So, as much as you think I could develop a gift, I wouldn’t be able to express it without your patience and teaching. So for this, I thank you!

Co-Designers of Reading Layouts

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

Today my partner and I created some new and advanced layouts that would boggle most minds. Unfortunately I can’t share it here as I am training people to professional levels now and information that like is limited to few. That’s upsetting to me since I LOVE giving away information but I also know that this is not something I can do anymore at this point in time.
What I will say is that I came to my partner with a divine revelation and he thought I meant something else and that ended up creating a new advanced layout! How lovely.

He’s like the game of twister. You go in one direction and he will go in another but it’s all great fun, challenge, and leads to amazing insights. He’s such a lovely person. 🙂