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Silvia Browne: Audience Members Using Leading Questions — Leads to Psychic Scams

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Just watching Silvia Browne on Montel (she doesn’t say much different from I would (logical and practical, cold & hot reading) and I would say so much more (because of telepathic, clairsentient, and claircognizant skills) so I wonder…) but what really stood out was this:

1. The questioners provide “too much” background. Honestly it’s unnecessary and c can lead the psychic to focusing on what you are saying and using that in their response back to you.

2. “Will it happen soon?” Trust me, professional readers know you want everything “soon” or “now”. It’s best to leave it out of your question because a psychic could be “lead” to give you a sooner rather than later date to appease.

3. Don’t be tied to outcomes. When you do that, there is no room for information or messages to be chanelled to you; you get what you give. Be open when you get a reading.

4. A lot of information I get can be “weird” or not the “common” understanding of what a word means. When questioners said, “no, that’s not it”, Slyvia would spin it.

At least that’s what it looked like but the thing is I experience that all the time. I say a word like “relationship” and someone thinks it’s a “romantic” relationship but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a family, friend, co-workers, or romantic relationship.

I keep it general instead of highly specific because that’s the way the messages are passed to me. If I get a strong impression to specify it, I will otherwise the information is just as valid and useful to the questioner.

Anyway, Sylvia had to reword or re-explain what she was getting at, this to me is “normal” and as I said in the next post she does have psychic ability…

I’m just not certain she should be charging as much as she does because it doesn’t seem to be an exceptionally strong ability (of course I could be wrong) with giving high specifcs and accuracy.

Fortune Telling Questions: How to make a difference in your life with the help of a reader (psychic, tarot, astrology, etc..)

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

Will I win the lottery?
How much money will I make?
When will I die?
How long will I live?
Who is my soulmate?
When will I meet him?
What will he look like?
How will my health be?
Will I ever get sick?
When will I get married?
How many kids will I get?
Who is going to win?

These questions are very “fortune telling oriented” and that’s what most people want to know — it’s human nature. Heck, I was asking those questions before I knew what Tarot could do for me, before I started reading a deck of cards professionally.

But over the years I realized those questions do not give lasting peace. They are fun and entertaining but are not productive or positive.

And while I do respond to fortune telling questions, if they do not go against my personal code of ethics, I encourage seekers to ask empowering questions and those start with who, how, why, and what but they don’t end with those words.

Readings with me are discovery oriented and an answer can take many paths; therefore, exploring paths and options are also a great way to get where you want to go. While I believe there is a certain amount of destiny (that fortune telling questions tend to answer) there is a huge amount of freewill (you answer your own question and then ask a reader to help you draw out a path and strategy to get there) too.

So the next time you get a reading from myself or any other reader, try asking the hard questions. Fortune telling questions are both easy to ask and to answer!

Who uses psychic or intuitive abilities in their work?

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Here’s some careers:

  • The Weather people
  • Scientists at the hypotheses stage
  • Surgeons
  • Sports Analysts
  • Stock Analysts
  • In fact Any Analysts

The difference between what I do and what others do comes down to the “goal”. What is “my” goal in providing psychic services? Sometimes it’s entertainment, as in when I do special events. Other times it’s healing, as in when I read for others to settle the mind and empower the soul. And still other times it’s teaching, to help people live authentic lives and earn a living, as in when I guide others to do what I do.

Psychic and intuitive abilities are used in “many” professional careers but as is for most therapeutic services, people often do not see the great benefit in emotional healing.

However, I also do work, career, and other readings which help empower people to reach their goals so there’s a lot of misunderstanding of what a psychic can and can not do.

Just some thoughts…

Skeptics and Naysayers: Tarot Reading Scams

Friday, June 9th, 2006

A story

Yes, what he says is true. From a psychological perspective “like likes like” and “if other people like it, I will like it too” (herd mentality). These are just two ways to influence people.

The participants in this story attempt to come off as “nice guys” who are “tricksters” and because they were getting free beer instead of money, what they did was “okay”. Yeah, right. You keep believing that.

Most people think they can’t read but they can. It isn’t as hard as many make it out to be but there are “hard” parts to reading professionally which is one reason professionals get paid. If you want to know how easy it is, take a class with me:

“And if three basically nice guys had a Tarot scam that they would pull for free beer, what do professional Tarot readers do to make money?”

We do as any professionals in any industry do: we gain experience, we have a code of ethics, we have a set of services that we will or will not provide, we get credentialed, and most importantly we earn a living for the valuable services we offer!!

It still eludes me as to why anyone would think that Tarot reading is somehow removed from everyday life and made into a major mystical experience. And while Tarot reading, as many other jobs in other everyday industries are mystical — there are a good number of readers that take their job seriously and offer not only spiritual but practical information too.

To dog Tarot reading because scam artists like these three college boys like to trick people seems to me to be a bit childish. But really from my perspective it was “all in good fun”. I mean, how serious of a reading are you going to get at a nightclub or sports bar?? Then again, I believe in synchroncity and signs and they can come from the most bizarre of spaces and people. 🙂

“[Derek Rompot was the speaker at our July meeting. He is the Vice Chairman of REALL and is only prevented from becoming a full-time Tarot card reader by the fact that he has a conscience.]”

I see, so their conscience didn’t mind getting free beer but doing Tarot for money full-time would be out of this world? lol~

Lets put it this way, they needed to stoop to such levels to get anyone to get a reading from them.

While I’m fully aware that I have line-up’s at special events because for the most part people go to their friends to say how accurate and good I am, I didn’t have to tell them to do it! It usually takes about 10-15 minutes for people to warm up and get that recommendation from their friends but again, I didn’t have to pull out any psychological tactics (like these three nutters) the sitters do it for me.
And one can not blame a Tarot reader, psychic, or what-have-you for the sitters’ friends being human. People are what and who they are! The best anyone can do in life to protect themselves from scam artists like these is be critical yet open to possibilities.