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Abella Arthur’s Fortune Telling Greeting Cards or Personal Fortune Tellers

Thursday, May 25th, 2006


These Tarot fortune greeting cards (78 unique fortunes in total) are great for birthdays, special occaisons, and thank you’s. It’s also an innovative and inexpensive way to have psychic readings at your gathering such as an after-dinner treat.

Within a party setting, each guest opens their fortune and tells everyone else. It’s a whole lot of fun and enjoyment.



greetingCards14Venvel.jpg greetingCardVellumEnvelope.jpg





Nexcare Waterproof Bandages (some of my favourite things)

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

Nexcare Waterproof Clear made by 3M
30 assorted SHEER bandages.

Beautifully soft, velvety, and supple latex bandages.  Like a second skin/layer of skin and waterproof in ways you never imagined for a bandage!

Magnetic Poetry (some of my favourite things)

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

writing poetry

You are not on the wrong station — it’s still the psychic network!!

There’s a lot of things I like and I’m going to share them with you; maybe you will like them too.

(all part of the Bettering Your World project!)

Links: Whole Foods, Good Foods — Some of my favourite Foods

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

ALL of these foods could be considered good for you (unless you have allergies or they don’t work well with your body) OR are better choices from the regular.

Also these foods can induce your body to a euphoric feeling; they have been known to have medicinal properties.

And imagine eating the Soy Cream (which tastes like ice cream) and actually being satisfied after only a half a cup, whereas Ice Cream can make some of us want/eat the whole tub and then some. 🙂

Juice (medicinal)
The BEST tasting drinks I ever had.

Yogurt (medicinal)
Danone’s Activa — the BEST tasting yogurt I ever had.

Kale (medicinal)
The BEST vegetable I ever had and VERY good for winter as it’s high in Vitamin C and it’s tasty too.,1523,127,00.html

Ice Cream — rather — Soy Cream (medicinal)
Our fav’s so far: Coffee Almond Fudge, Cinnamon, and Egg Nog (not show in the products for some reason)

Stash (medicinal)
Organic Cascade Mint and Chai Tea

Pete’s Tofu (medicinal)

Pete’s Tofu2Go (medicinal)

Silk Soya Beverage (medicinal)

Montreal Steak Spice

Grapeseed Oil (medicinal)

Fresh Ginger (medicinal)

Country Harvest

And this isn’t food but it’s great for bumps, bruises, aches, and pains (it comes in a tube too)