Mini Mini Mini Aleister Crowley Soul Life/Work Reading

12 October 1875

Crowley — eccentric, creative, highly intelligent, master magician!

His desire was self expression and spreading joy. Working with Tarot through Lady Frieda must of been a complete happy act.
His karma was to assert his leadership, authority, and innovation. As we know, it didn’t come easy as many didn’t respect him.

His gift was being solution oriented and expressing his care for humanity. He was totally against the war and had long distance magical wars on the powers-that-were.
His knowledge was in caring and nurturing others through art.

His path was that of professor and scientist.  His mission was seeking and spreading the truth.
His destiny, Master Magician!

As I read about the “Great Beast” which by the way seems more like something he called himself just to produce shock and drama — hehe what a funny guy — he’s protrayed like a real off-the-wall person but yet people admitted his brilliance. After doing this reading, I see that he was EXTREMELY CREATIVE and EXTREMELY LOGICAL — Extremes of Right and Left Brain thinking.

When he wrote and studied, he was introverted, logical, and cool. When he expressed through body and voice, he was dramatic, eccentric, and funny. The kind of funny that is generally over the heads of mere mortals. Right Crowley? *grin*

Anyway, that was a fun analysis. There’s so much more I could write but I bore easily and I’m hot. 😉

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