Criss Angel: Mindfreak Mini Analysis

Criss Angel

December 19 1967

After watching Criss Angel tonight, I thought to myself: What makes him so successful other than the good looks, nice personality, knowledge, the ability to entertain and connect?

Answer: Criss wants to achieve and he doesn’t stop at being the best at anything he chooses to do. He truly is a MAGICIAN!! His brilliance is in arts and entertainment; however, at times he may of felt like he doesn’t do good enough but that’s minimized due to his strong personality strengths. I suspect that’s what keeps him pushing, along with his desire to lead and be innovative. Along with that, Criss knows how to “experience” and share that experience with others. In fact, he has a “natural” teaching ability. His gift is in the details. He’s organized, structured, and a generally loyal and trustworthy person. He’s meant to succeed because he is driven to work hard to reach the top. Finally, his destiny is related to building structures and community through his achievements, teaching, and magic.

All the best Christopher Sarantakos!! 🙂

Just to note, many celebrities have the same life path as Criss. Examples include (people I have done readings on): Tom Cruise, Kate Holmes, David Blaine, and Gabriel Aubry.

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