Welcome to 2010

Hello 2010!

Lets get Jucy...

Bring some Jucy into your life...

December 31 is the evening of the Full Moon and Blue Moon in Cancer.
Thursday is Jupiter (Expansion / Luck) and January 1 is Friday Venus (Love / Art)
This means that we are entering 2010 with Expanding Love.

Yes, Welcome to the YEAR OF THE THREE.

Also we are experiencing a PARTIAL Eclipse. A Blue Moon (once in a blue moon) and eclipses do not happen often!! Especially not on New Year’s Eve.

Revel in it.

Towards the end of 2009 I have been naturally gearing up for this creative, expressive, social, and loving upcoming year — you may have noticed yourself doing this too (especially if you have 3 life path or are in a 3 year or pinnacle, like mine).  What have I been up to?  I have been working hard to bring new and updated services to you both free and paid and of course affordable.  I want to bring services (to anyone who resonates with my spirit) and which address everyone’s needs without compromising my personal approach to providing psychic services or work/life balance.

Here’s a brief run down and there’s still more to come…

Year Ahead Reading — 12 months of Tarot & Astrology readings, lasts a year.  Find out what this year has in store for you.  Book a session by January 15th and get a BONUS 2 months of astrological predictions.

Jucy Free Readings — Totally free, for the first time on a permanent basis.  No strings attached.  No obligation.  Donations are very welcome but not required.  You can use this service as often as you like (only once per reading day please).  Subscribe to get notified:  http://www.knowtheway.ca/specials/free-psychic-jucy-reading-days.html

Club Jucy — Exclusive access to ON-DEMAND readings; monthly Psychic Life topics that heal, humour, and help; a monthly mystery package delivered straight to your door; personalized astrology charts; horoscopes automatically sent to your email, a VIP Psychic Party*; super savings on amazing psychic services; Psychic Jucy’s Loving Care, and much more…!

Psychic Life Coaching — This is a powerful tool in your box of strategies and well-being because they honour and respect that which you desire and I genuinely want to help you get what you want through your own hard work.  Gain psychic insights, answer powerful questions, and valuable exercises – in between sessions – will help get you there.

EAT Self-Tarot Reading Method –– Experience Arthur Tarotfish (EAT) is a revolutionary Tarot reading method that allows seasoned, intermediate, and novice Tarot readers to find their own accurate and intuitive answers to questions. EAT is best used for empowering self-analysis, strategies, insights into how people feel and think, identifying people, places, and things, and decision-making. You can download (for the very first time) a copy for personal use and for teaching (licensed or certification).

Past Life Recall Therapy — After going into a light trance and channeling a description of who you were, what you looked like, what you were doing in a past life, and an important vignette or life experience that still affects you today, you will begin to ask me questions that will help you better figure out why you did what you did, how this affects you in this life time and what you can do differently in this lifetime for better success.

I look forward to connecting with you again in 2010.

With love, life, and laughs,
Abella “Jucy” Arthur

P.s. Please forward this to anyone whom you might think would be interested in what I have to offer.  May you be blessed with much abundance.

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