Funny, Disrespectful, Scamming, Cranky Callers to a Psychic Business

One of the hazards (or joys) of offering psychic services is getting “cranky” calls.  No, I don’t mean pissy people on the other end of the phone — though that happens.  I mean, people pulling a joke or being silly.

My assistant usually answers the phone out of hours and let me know someone called asking about the number 42 and that other psychics told him to contact a numerologist.   My assistant took his email address (which included the number 42 — lol) and then said we would contact him back in regards to setting up an appointment to discuss his relationship with the number 42 (btw, the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42 — The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and why he keeps seeing it.  He even had it in his email address (um, that’s why you keep seeing it?  lol)

Anyway, he called back again and this time I answered.

This time he asks for Robert Petrungaro (another reader who works with numerology) and I asked the caller how he found my number and he said, “The Holistic Directory” and I said –“It’s kind of late to call for a booking (10:30pm on a Saturday).  I don’t take people so seriously when they call outside of business hours.  Email is fine but phoning like you are (twice — once saying he’s calling around about the number 42 and another asking for another reader who does not reside at that telephone number) makes me question their seriousness”.  And he said, “He was serious and wanted to get a reading that night and he had been calling around to people”.  And I said, “If you are serious, you would try to avoid a same day reading (when not about a time sensitive question), would find out more about the Service professional you want to see but investigating them on the Internet (that’s why we have websites) AND call at a decent hour.”  He then said I was the meanest person he had talked to that night out of all the psychics he had called.  And you know what, I’m happy about that.  It’s a compliment.  Because historically I have been far too kind to people and have spent upwards of an hour a pop on “cranks”.  I have finally got the courage to speak my truth and not be concerned about how I’m coming across.  I don’t go out of my way to behave nasty and I wasn’t really — I was firm and explained things how I saw it:  You are not serious, don’t respect psychics, and I’m not interested in a conversation with you.  This was about boundaries and I felt good expressing what mine were.

Funny thing my husband, earlier in the day, was chatting about 42 being the year I become “rich and famous” lol… And then he calls.  One of those “weird, synchronistic” moments.

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