Things to know about getting a Psychic, Tarot, Medium Reading

1 Do not wait until a crisis before you hire a psychic.
If they are busy, it can cost you more and they are not prepared for you.  If they are not busy, are they any good?

2 If you have a personality disorder, sort that out first OR advise the psychic you have a “mind challenge”.  If the reader is willing to give you a reading, don’t put your disorder onto the psychic — respect and know your limits and the readers too.

3 If you have a desire or want, ask FREEWILL questions.
If you have no control (i.e. things are already in motion), ask DESTINY questions.

Freewill questions allow you to happen to life.  Questions are focused on “how, what, why,” and options to take.

Destiny questions allow life to happen to you.  Questions are focuses on “when, who, where, if, will) and supposes you have no control.

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