Making Psychic Appointments: Proper Phone Etiquette

Recently I published my telephone number for psychic appointments and I have found inappropriate conversations developing. So here’s my Phone Etiquette when calling me or any other reader for that matter:

  1. Ask for their rates and when you can get an appointment.
  2. Question anything directly related to the service provided.
  3. Do not go into your questions or concerns in a reading sort of way. Briefly state your concerns and leave the rest for the reading.
  4. Be respectful of the readers time. A phone appointment request should last no longer than 3-5 minutes! Anything more is a reading.

Also, I have found those that disrespect the readers time are either not looking for a reader but rather a teacher, mentor, counseling, or a confidante AND tend to have emotional disturbances that appear to be personality disorders (though I’m not a certified psychologist so it’s just an educated laypersons guess really)

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