Theory: How much should you earn? What’s your salary? (Canada)

If one decides to make money, I have this theory that for every year of your life, you earn a minimum of $1,000. If you earn more, that’s awesome. But if you are wondering how much you are worth, I say you are worth “at least” $1,000 for every year of your life when it comes to the world of work. *grin*
Examples of Annual Salary Minimums
60 year old to earn $60,000

43 year old to earn $43,000 a year

26 year old to earn $26,000

19 year old to earn $19,000

14 year old earns a minimum of $14,000 a year

Of course, a 14 year old may not work and if they do it’s likely to be part-time so in this situation we would take $14,000 and divide it by 1800 hours (an average number of full time hours per year) and we get $7.77 an hour (which is currently the minimum wage in Canada and what they are likely to earn working at a McD’s).

I wonder if that’s how they figured out minimum wage…. *curious*

Now when we look at an income that is double the age of a person, we can see that they (more than likely) will feel quite wealthy.

A 36 year old earning $72,000 a year. A 50 year old earning $100,000 a year. A 20 year old earning $40,000.

Why does any of this matter? It probably doesn’t make much of a dent to your everyday life but it can. Money is energy and our energy can be tired, sad, angry, etc. If we consider how much energy we put into things and what we get out of it, we can see that many of us are not truly happy with our earnings and it affects us in a challenging way.

Well, anyway, I have a lot more thoughts but they are quite abstract and better said in discussion. Cheers!

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