Psychic Reading Feedback

I was in the grocery store tonight and someone I read for in the past told me a prediction came true. At the time she wasn’t sure that she believed me. *smile* I also couldn’t remember the reading but as she spoke, some of it resurfaced so I was happy it came true for her.

It’s always nice to get feedback because honestly I never know either. That might seem odd but I guess I’m pretty humbled every time someone tells me what I said helped them or what I said came true. *shrugs* Yeah, I guess it is odd but I wouldn’t want to believe I was always right and yet when I’m reading for someone I’m very clear and confident so it’s not like I’m unsure of what I’m saying, it’s just that once the reading is over it’s out of my mind and the seeker seems to be at peace. 🙂 That’s really quite nice and one of the many reasons I read for others. Some say it’s a gift; I say it’s something I was born to do. And everyone is born to do something; therefore, everyone has a gift. 🙂

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