Tuesday August 22 2006 Become a Professional Psychic, Tarot, Palm or Esoteric Reader AND/OR Run Your Own Reading Business!


Become a Professional Psychic, Tarot, Palm or Esoteric Reader AND/OR Run Your Own Reading Business!

Everyone can be a reader; find out how you can too.

This occupation and business opportunity is great for:

  • A parent or guardian who is interested in re-entering the workforce;
  • Those who do not wish traditional forms of employment;
  • People who seek freedom, variety, creative and challenging work;
  • Good feelings created by working with and helping people in need of fun and/or care;
  • Mind and/or mobility differences from the majority;
  • Unlimited income earning potential;
  • Retirees who still want to work but want flexible hours.

At this information session, LEARN about the professional and business opportunities of being a READER of various methods and tools.

  • See psychic demonstrations;
  • Discover what being a psychic reader is all about;
  • Hear about how differences and disabilities are strengths;
  • Find out how much you can earn;
  • Learn about the different providers of esoteric education;
  • Ask questions and get productive and meaningful responses.

Abella Arthur provides training, entertainment, and private reading services to learners, event planners, and seekers in Toronto proper and GTA.

Abella Arthur offers the highest quality training or rather “Wisdom Guiding” through one-on-one productive and meaningful sessions providing the learner with a lot of hands-on and theoretical information in a short period of time, painlessly and positively.

The professional and business programs that Abella offers are in-person and involve extensive practice with real seekers and real events in which you receive payment while practicing real-time. At the end of the program you will have professional certification credentials and be reading part or full time in event and/or private readings through contract jobs or your very own business.

Graduates of the professional program are offered contract positions with 3 of Cups and 9 of Cups. Graduates of the business program are given complete insider information and valuable support on running and operating their own reading business.

Please take some time to find out about our various programs which allow you to have fun and enjoy your life while getting paid. Join us for a FREE information session. Register NOW for this session! http://www.3ofcups.ca/proreader.html

LEARNERS have said about the Abella Arthur method of Wisdom Guiding:“I enjoyed my class very much. I liked the one on one attention and that the entire class was tailored to my learning needs. I was very comfortable with your teaching style and found your casual confidence completely contagious. The time flew and I loved that I had the chance at the end of the class to openly discuss my own feelings and ideas about the tarot. You have a knack for teaching and have definitely found your niche. I look forward to taking future classes with you.”

“I used to be skeptical about Tarot, however you showed me how to awaken my spiritual mind to the possibilities of the universe. I recently used what I learned at a special event and the responses I received were staggeringly mindblowing! The Tarot provides me with a uniquely challenging environment, in which I can easily overcome a diagnosed case of ADD. Your calm demeanor and alternative teaching style is refreshing, and my self-esteem has increased ten-fold. Thank you for everything!”

“I truly had a good time with you as well. As mentioned, I knew that I would, but I didn’t know that our session would yield such great results. I spoke before about not having an outlet to express my curiosity about the tarot. But I think that I “read well” because I wasn’t afraid of telling you what came to my mind or intuition. So, as much as you think I could develop a gift, I wouldn’t be able to express it without your patience and teaching. So for this, I thank you!

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