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Divince Class Web Site Announcement

Hey all, The Divine Class web site is finally up! There’s still a lot of work to do on the site (not the programs 😉 so I will be spending a lot of my time over there (hence the lack of postings you will see over here) fleshing it out with goodies (articles, freebies, etc..).

If you have been receiving readings from me, it might be time to learn how to do your “own” readings. *grin* Of course, I will be happy to continue to read for you because even though we can read for ourselves, it’s nice to get second opinions and touch someone (like myself) who has a wealth of experience and education which may be different from your own and that leads to an objective life experience. 🙂

And just to recap I’m available for the following:

  1. Life & Business Coaching with an emphasis on Personal and Business Branding. Mindlogos
  2. Psychic Tarot & Tools Readings with an emphasis on self-empowerment and wish-fullfillment. 9 of Cups
  3. Serious & Fun Special Event Entertainment 3 of Cups
  4. Party Favours: Unique Handmade Fortune Tellers and Greeting Cards with a pull out Tarot card Talisman. Fortunes by Abella
  5. And of course the newest edition to what I offer: Divine Class with a special emphasis on guiding and supporting Learners to read professionally though hobbyists are welcome too at the Initiate level.

Hope to read for, guide, and speak with you all soon.


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