George Michael’s Love Karma and Love Gifts (now engaged!)

Love Karma — He doesn’t have any. He’s resolved issues of having difficult relationships. He has finally worked it out. He accepts help from others by being provided with solutions, guidance, and inspiration, support, and love. He’s listening to his angels and his angels (earth or above ground) are totally there for him.

Love Gifts — Anyone who is able to be in his presence is very lucky indeed. You will feel loved and accepted. A feeling of utter bliss and contentment is what he shares with others. He helps you not be afraid and to help you get your heart’s desire. His friendliness, humour, and playfulness is divine.


Update: He’s getting married! It’s no surprise to me. The day I did this reading — in October — I had heard George Michael singing on the radio and got this sudden feeling of “tremendous love” so I decided to do a “love reading” on him. I guess that is what he was feeling for his partner at the time. *cool* They got engaged in November. Congratulations George and Kenny!

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