Why some psychics tape their readings for clients

While some psychics do this, they are usually of the “old school” variety.

The reason they do this are three fold: 1) Skeptics were really getting down on psychics and their accuracy and goading them into taping their readings. They said: If they are so confident about their readings, why don’t they tape them? So clients started asking for taped readings and the psychics complied. 2) For a private session, it can benefit the seeker to have the session recorded so they may take action on their life but this is not necessary in a party event style reading situation. When it’s taped for a private session the seeker is mostly talking and self-analyzing as in tarot or psychic life coaching and finally 3) Psychics often charge more for the taping and do not guarantee the tape will work. In fact some psychics report the tape being completely unreadable due to spirit interference.

If a psychic chooses not to tape their reading, it doesn’t mean they don’t stand behind their reading. There are many reasons why they won’t want to tape their readings: 1. Censorship: They may feel uncomfortable and censor their readings due to self-consciousness or grey areas of topic. 2. Party Favour: They may not want the client to pass the tape around for others to listen to and joke about. 3. Intellectual Property: Some psychics don’t make much but their tips and insights are hugely valuable. Taping a psychic can hurt their current or future opportunities.

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