Recent Testimonial: Karen (Toronto Palm Reader)

I truly enjoyed my experience with Karen. I have had my palm read a couple other times before, and have had a lot of scepticism of what was said. However, after having my palm read by Karen, I felt settled that I got a proper reading. A lot may have had to do with the fact that she is such a warm individual. I honestly felt like I met up with a friend who decided to give me advice about my life. Regardless of how much truth there is in getting a reading, I was given some sound advice about my character, career, love, and relationships that I know I can actually use. In addition, the choice of doing it at a coffee shop was a great idea. I was a bit worried about people hearing and it being distracting, however it ended up creating a relaxing atmosphere that aided in receiving a good reading. Finally, what was great and something I will always remember was what happened after the reading. Karen stayed to chat, which made the whole experience feel like a meeting between friends rather than a business exchange. I definitely recommend her to anyone and will probably be back again soon!

(Please note that readers may not always have the time for more personal interactions with a sitter before or after the reading but sitters will always receive a warm and friendly reader.)

If you are seeking a palm reader book a reading with Karen!

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