I say, “I’m a skeptic!” You say, “What, you can’t be — you’re a psychic!”

Guess again.

I’m a very logical person and although I believe in other worlds, places, and spaces it comes from much research and personal experience. A skeptic is someone who doesn’t have blind faith and I’m perfectly happy if my sitters are skeptical as well. In fact, I suggest they always remember that they are in charge of the design of their life. I’m just a bridge to get where they are going.

Recently, I came across this neat blog entry that points to a debunker and mentalist, Derren Brown. Of course debunkers have their own debunkers. Can’t we all get along? 🙂 Seriously no one is safe. As long as we have a brain that can articulate thoughts, there will be naysayers and that’s a good thing.

I had a look and I was quite entertained. Of course, I didn’t fall for any of his tricks! Why? Because I know and understand cold reading and psychological tactics. If I like I can even employ them but I don’t unless it’s to the benefit of the person.
You say, “what!”. 🙂 Here’s what I mean, rapport building which can use NLP techniques is about getting someone to like you. For the most part I’m a likeable person because I’m great at rapport building. However, I am a natural rapport builder who, much after the fact, learned that the skills I have naturally others actually go out an learn. Anyway, I digress… what I’m trying to say is that I’m not wanting or trying to trick anyone but what I do know is that if I build rapport with someone they are more likely to be open to a reading where I am able to read their energy and give them the information they need to make the important decisions in their life.

Is it wrong if I get my information through energy readings or telepathy and clairsentient (aka psychic) means? I questioned that myself because I want and do lead an authentic life full of integrity. So the answer is no, no it’s not wrong. Why? Because I’m here as a bridge. As a person who can quickly get to the hear of the matter, expose it for what it is and then through highly intuitive ability, synchronistic events (i.e. Tarot), and skilled analysis I am able to tell you what a probable future looks like.

At the same time, people have the choice to create and design their own future with the knowledge I supply — knowledge their subconscious already had but refused to listen too. And when a stranger, someone who possibly couldn’t have known says what is deep inside you, well — that is powerful! So my gauge for whether what I do is full of integrity is this: Am I helping in a positive and productive way? Is the answer yes? Then I’m okay.

But I think I have digressed again… back to rapport building… when a reading starts I start with something that is highly accurate so that the seeker relaxes and then opens up — this is what many would call an “ice-breaker” and it makes my job easier and the sitter much more comfortable.

What I don’t employ is “leading” techniques, which a mentalist might do, and I’m very aware and explain to the sitter when I’m cold reading. i.e from what I visually see, you come across as this… but then I tell them what is actually really there (and that is the intuitive psychic part that I couldn’t of possibly known).

I write about such opposing views for a number of reasons, including: wanting sitters to be aware, not being afraid of being “exposed” hehe, I’m a skeptic too, it’s good to have a balanced and informed perspective, and information is my business. I absorb information and I deliver information, and this is no different.

Now it’s up to you to a) decide what you believe, but more importantly b) decide if what people like me do is of “any” value.

P.s Don’t worry about marketing terms like “psychic” because I would rather call myself highly intuitive but people recognize psychic more and I do possess skills of a psychic but really, I don’t like the term psychic. When consumers decide that they don’t need marketing to make informed decisions, that will be the day that I won’t have to use “standard terminology” for what I do. *grin*
p.s. Derren is conning you.  As I analyze his tricks and deception upon the audience, it’s discomforting to know that many people get swayed left, right, and center so easily (as Derren says) that many don’t realize that Derren is doing EXACTLY what he says others are doing.  It’s quite the ironic display.  🙂

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