Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry?

1-4-1976 Gabriel Aubry
8-14-19686 Halle Berry

Lets see if this is the man I’m predicting Halle to be with.

“Looks like someone physically or spiritually younger than her. An earth type sign. Someone who has medium skin and hair tones, olive or tan skinned. He’s extroverted, practical, feelings oriented, and full of possibilities. He makes a great negotiator, has a gift of speaking and saying the “right thing”, and can sell most people on anything — a charmer indeed. He seems quite tall too, at least compared to her height. Someone at about 6 feet. I’m picking up law or finance — something that requires keen analytical skills as related to his career. This entry used psychic skills.”

Gabriel is 6’2, an earth sign (Capricorn), younger than her, and obviously taller than Halle. His profile says he has fair skin but he does have brown hair and might get tanning sessions — that’s hard to say. 🙂 Now in his profile it says he’s quite shy but in the ads and runways he does, he’s considered charming and extroverted (the man of the hour for Versace, Hugo Boss, etc..). The law or finance, and keen analytical skill — hmmm, I’m not sure. Anyone know what his favourite subjects in school were? 🙂

I would say it’s potentially a very good match which is normally not the case for a Leo and Capricorn; however, they both have the same life path and their numbers cross over. His chart also shows that he has a gift for communicating and he’s steady and dependable — something Halle could need in her life. I could say more but I will leave it at this and hope that Halle has found her man and that Gabriel has found his woman!! 🙂 And hey, with the name of an Archangel — ruling water — Gabriel might not be such a ladies man (non-committed) afterall. 😉

Want a reading?

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  1. Thanks for your comments. Hey, someone is reading! I might be wrong too or maybe I was picking up this fellow and he’s not who she marries — not sure. I predict she will marry but not have a baby this year.

    btw, are you a psychic/reader too? 🙂

  2. hiya… re: comment #4

    cool… water sign? 🙂 looks like we are on the same wave length. *grin* Interesting… I wonder the profression or training… neat… Anyway, sorry it took so long to reply — been very very busy.

  3. I guess time will tell. 🙂 Japanese huh? Is there any connection to your name sounding Japaense…? hehe

    As soon as I’m able to, I will do some readings on your questions. 🙂

  4. Thanks!

    So is it 1966 or 1968 and how do you know for certain? 🙂 (apparently there’s a discrepancy on the Internet)

    With a 1966 birthdate it changes a little… more along the lines of: she has more than enough stability on her own — doesn’t need him to get that happening for her though they compliment each other quite nicely in that area.

    As for the life path — that’s the biggest change… they both have a different life path with the year change… however, still compatible… except in this way: she is less “extreme” than Aubrey and is good at/and motivated by aquiring money and power. She’s very gifted in the arts & entertainment (something that wasn’t in the first chart (1968 year) and which puzzled me since she’s an actress). She does have “issues with money, power, and health” though… i.e. While she can make it, she can spend it just as easily. This is where someone like Gabriel would come in to temper the fiesty & impulsive Halle.

    They need faith, trust, and understanding to make it work — in other words, they are “both” electric and need to find ways to bridge the gap of independence to partnernship. It’s a strong “business combination” — together, they can win the world over — as long as they remain as a unit and not separate themselves. 🙂

    In 2006 Married? Yes. Babies? No.
    I don’t predict 2007 until Dec 2006 🙂

    Whose the psychic who predicted “by 2007”?

  5. “Why was it said in the New York Times, which is a highly respected journal and newspaper of our day, that Halle Berry was not at the Versace party for very long and yet other ‘rags’ would have it that Halle and Gabriel are actually lovebirds and were at each other all night?”

    I don’t know of this journal/newspaper — having never read it — but it appears their comments were based out of being “cautious”. I really can’t say more than that.

    “These two are just in a professional mode only.”
    I agree. But what’s good for us, isn’t necessarily good for others. Perhaps they “enjoy” being professional with each other and those are admirable goals for “both” of them to persue and that makes them “hot and heavy” for each other. 🙂 Since professionally reading, I have learned to avoid deciding on what’s good for others. 🙂

    “…and why did Halle Berry sneak in a side door, if she and Gabriel were a hot item? And why is there no mention of Gabriel?”

    She wants this relationship “low-key”. Too much exposure to the media can ruin any relationship — especially at the start (if they are not strong enough for it).

    So many questions, so little time… *unfortunately after this, I’m going to need to let this thread die down but I’m more than happy for you to pop in and leave comments… just that I might not be able to respond”…


  6. btw Akira Moritani I didn’t look at the links until “after” I read. In fact, I dislike too much speculation and background when I read because I don’t want anything “outside” to sway what I say. But after reading the links, I see there what I said is very meaningful. I wouldn’t read much into anything other than she doesn’t want her relationship to Gabriel to be “high profile” — at least, not at this point. And who could blame her? I certainly can’t. 🙂

  7. I haven’t had time to “post” much on this thread but hopefully I will get to it in time. 🙂 Anyway, 6 is the number of domesticity and being the glue in relationships. It’s about nurturing, prantic healing, home life, and much more. Also, I believe the two of them are going to last but others here disagree — no worries, that’s life and opinions plus freewill. *grin*

    Doing a mini reading right now, I see Halle falling in love but Gabriel being unsure. I will read later on this but will likely “not” be as detailed as childofthebuddha (who is definately skilled) since I do this professionally and do not want to give away why I come to the conclusions that I do. 🙂 There is NO MONEY in NO MYSTERY!! 🙂

    So as far as “reversing” the situation of missing numbers, I help people do that in a professional capacity and if you or anyone else wants help with that, let me know.  😉

  8. gege says:

    Wow i will certainly read more about your postings i like that. I cant wait to see what you predict next. Do you see gabriel being the one she marries this year, because i did see you predict that earlier and do you see gabriel being a user or does he really love her. Also how do you actually predict someone loving another person in a relationship.

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